Mannheim, Germany (2)

Last days, the weather was so incredible. Blue sky and the sun was shining the whole days, without any clouds, I love it. I decideed to travel to Mannheim with a friend. It was a really great day. At first we visited Luisenpark, which is the biggest park in Mannheim. We had a nice tea in the chinese tea house, which was very relaxing, although the weather was hot. It was so funny, we didn't know how to handle with these chinese tea cups.
After that we got high to the television tower, which is located near to Luisenpark.
The view was so amazing. We had a very wide view over and around Mannheim. You could even see parts of Heidelberg.


  1. Wow, sieht richtig toll aus! Mannheim ist gaar nicht weit von mir entfernt. :) Liebe Grüße, Linda

  2. das sieht echt mega schön aus! tolle bilder :)




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